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One way Clutch / Clutch bearings

One way Clutch (OWC-GXZ type)                                                                

We are the exclusive agent of Origin Electric Japan and are authorized by Origin Electric Japan to sell their own products across the European market.

Origin Electric Japan is the No. 1 Japanese manufacture of Clutch bearings (one-way clutch), Slip clutches. As to the Clutch bearings (one-way clutch), the monthly output is raised up to 6 million pcs which has already occupied most of  the share in theOA and ATM industry .


All component parts are made of metal materials, which make its high durability to stand for high temperature ambient. Small size in diameter and width can save the space in the machine and equipment in your design. Two types of clutch direction are available, which is the clockwise clutch as well as counter-clockwise clutch.

Available for assemble unit supply

Our clutches are single unit itself; therefore, they can be assembled with any other counter-parts such as the plastic gear, the rubber roller and etc, in the easy simple way.
We are also able to supply you the clutch bearings assembled with the plastic gears, the PU rubber rollers and the integrated sintered housings, according to your requirements.
     Assembly with

    Plastic Gear                                               PU rubber Rollers                               Integrated Sintered Housings


    Assemble parts

Part Numbering      One way Clutch (OWC-GXZ type)


                      Home appliances                                                                            Copying machines


                    Electrical Motors

              ATM (Automatic Teller Machines)                                                          Automotive





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