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Powdered Sintered Metal Parts

We have been working for the sintered metal parts for more than 10 years.
This made us linked with a several factories in China and Japan. Each factories has strengthen on their own technology and also the limitation of the specs individually , therefore, we will work together with all each factory in order to make a wide range of solution for all issues such as the performance, the specifications, and we are experience to make a solution in engineering and cost issue both.

                                                             Bush and Gear


      Basic materials:            the Iron, Copper, Stainless steel are available.
      Material mixing:             material development in order to satisfy the performance & specification required
                                               by customers.
      Material Origin:              Beside from Europe, China materials are also available to satisfy the cost issue.
      Outer-dia:                       up to Max,150mm
      Gear precision:             JGMA 2 is possible for mass-production.
      Gear shape:                  The Herical Gear is available with our technology of production.
      Treatment:                     The steam-treatment is available in house.
      Products available       Sleeve Bearing, Gears, Pulleys, Couplings, etc…

      Sintered Metal Solution

Material available (*) JIS standard, the others blended base on customer requirements
China made materials    Available
Size (outer Dia) 150 mm
Hardness 650Hv
Surface roughness 3.2Ra (inner Dia 0.8Ra)
Gear precision JGMA Grade 2

(*)  JIS standard Material  :  SBK 1218, SMF4040, SMF5040..........etc.







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